Renew the look of classic furniture: the choice of finishes and colors

One of the peculiarities of classic furniture is the preponderance of wood, in particular in dark walnut finishes, which on the one hand enhance the quality of the materials, on the other make the environment not very bright and more dated home repair services in Carmel.

Our first advice, therefore, is to choose a more modern finish, going from dark to light tones, and to paint the furniture in white or ivory. In particular, the white color has two advantages: Modernize the furniture, because white is a bright, modern, neutral and at the same time elegant color; Working on accessories and complements to give a touch of color and contrast.

Ideas for modernizing the home and renovating the rooms at low cost, if not at no cost, as we have seen in this Book of Ideas, they are truly an infinity. The reasons for trying to renovate a house at zero or almost no cost can be not only those related to saving from an economic point of view, but also the lack of time to deal with an organic job of to renovate the house, or simply the desire to change organization without intervening drastically.

Because, simply, you can love the furniture in your home and at the same time want to see them positioned in a different way. Rotating the position of tables and sofas, chairs and armchairs is a way to transform a room without spending anything. In this way it is possible to renovate the house at no cost but also simply to renew the old furnishing accessories of the house, perhaps discovering how to renovate those 70s furniture that we like so much, but really need to be updated. Therefore, for those who have ideas and do not want to rely on architect, all that remains is to leave free space to the imagination. Especially in a small house, therefore, why not try to make the furniture interact in different ways, to move it to unexpected positions, allowing you to break the mold? To do this, you do not need to add a bookcase or a false ceiling, but a lot of imagination and the patience to explore the opportunities for combinations that the furnishing accessories offer.

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