What is a vinyl floor and how is it made

By the term vinyl we mean polyvinyl chloride or vinyl chloride. The acronym that distinguishes it is PVC.It is a material that is obtained from ethylene by subtracting a hydrogen atom.

We can find them in different contexts: hospitals, gyms, doctors’ offices, clinics, schools, trains, prefabricated houses, private homes luxury vinyl flooring in Prattville.

The vinyl floor is the most resistant: why?

Compared to a wooden floor or a classic laminate, the vinyl floor is more robust and is not subject to drastic cracks or breakages in case of falling heavy objects.

Useful to:Who owns pets

Places of continuous passage such as corridors

High resistance to foot traffic in crowded commercial environments

Accidental drops of household chemical solutions, for example an accidental fall of degreasers

Bathrooms, kitchens and humid environments.

The vinyl floor is the most resistant: why?

It is the safest floor around because:

Non-slip and non-slip

Very high fire resistance

Free of fairies and therefore not subject to the release of toxic substances

Dry, hygienic and antibacterial

Vinyl flooring is the easiest to lay: why?

It is impossible to imagine how many tools it takes to lay a ceramic tile: flow meter, staff, square, level and many others. You will be surprised to discover how to lay a vinyl floor you need planks and… that’s it!

The click click system allows anyone to install the floor and do it without the help of an expert in the field.

The Vinyl Floor is the most practical: why?

It is practical thanks to its resistance to wear and to chemicals that can accidentally come into contact with the floor. Maintenance is easy both daily and extraordinary.

The reduced thickness allows installation on existing floors without requiring any type of height changes at the level of armored doors and gates.

It is very light and this aspect combined with others makes laying even easier.

The vinyl floor is the most comfortable: why?

It is a sound absorbing floor. This allows the annoying noise generated by foot traffic not to be generated.

Furthermore, walking on a vinyl floor becomes something magical thanks to the sensation of warmth and silence that it generates at our touch. It is also an antistatic floor.

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